Turquoise Internet is the power house behind the development of many great looking websites, either designed in-house or in collaboration with third party artists.

We specialise in smooth responsive websites that work cleanly starting from iPhone size to ensure your website will always look as it was designed no matter what device is used. Developed in-house over a number of years, this method coupled with our minimal use of client side languages (e.g. javascript) means your site is not only be a pleasure to use but also safe and future proofed.

Our WordPress based sites use unique templates that require only the bare minimum of plugins and we write our own code to achieve our goals which results in a faster, more secure website.
“behind every great website is a dedicated team of skilled developers…”All of our internet developers started their programming life on the iconic ZX81 computer. Having to learn how to write applications in only 1k of RAM has taught them how to design clean, elegant and efficient code. These skills are so important in today’s world of PC’s, MAC’s and mobile devices as those who extract the most from the smallest space will triumph.“clean, elegant coding makes for a faster, more satisfying web experience”Bringing these skills to web development ensures that a website is a pleasure to use, fast and responsive making visitors online experiences a pleasure. We pride ourselves on our coding abilities and this translates into a quality website and attention to detail. We’re passionate about our job…

How we work…
If you require a complete new website designed from the ground up, or have some ideas but need that crucial creative input then we can help you achieve your goals.

Should you have a more specific need like upgrading to a Content Management system such as WordPress, optimising onsite SEO, newsletter or e-marketing integration and distribution, email assistance or just website maintenance then feel free to contact the programmers at Turquoise Internet directly.

From then on the sky’s the limit as they say, with unlimited options available to increase your online presence…

Continued Support
As your business evolves so should your web site, therefore we always remain flexible and are happy to work closely with our clients maintaining their web site.

Our area of expertise include…

  • Traditional static layouts
  • Content management driven
  • Responsive designs
  • Custom WordPress themes
  • HTML5 and CSS3 coding
  • Minimal Javascript Mobile-ready designs
  • HTML emails
  • e-marketing and e-newletters
  • e-commerce wishlists and shopping carts
  • Bespoke PHP development
  • SQL database manipulation
  • Search engine – SEO and SEM
  • Performance web hosting



Contact us today to find out how we can start to help your business and increase your online presence…


some of our web developments

A part of Turquoise Internet, our engineering division boasts over 20 years of experience in R&D prototype design and manufacturing.

With skills including electrical, electronic, software, hardware, mechanical & precision engineering we can offer robust solutions in bespoke instrument design and development specific to your needs.

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